Sing Your Sacred Soul Song

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Do you ever feel like the words are spinning around in your head and you just can't get them out?

Are you sometimes afraid to say what's on your mind? 

Do you have something that you want to say to the world, but you're not quite sure how to say it?

Maybe you feel like you will be judged for speaking your truth or that your boss will say no to that big raise.

Sing Your Sacred Soul Song 

is a program designed to help women feel more comfortable in our voices. . . our authentic inner voice.  We all have an inner wisdom, an inner teacher, intuition (inner tuition if you will).

We have often been programmed throughout our lives to not trust that inner voice.  Maybe we have been shut down by the stronger voices around us. Maybe verbally or physically abused when we were growing up and we learned not to trust ourselves, but we know deep down that the only way to really be fully free and alive is to use our own inner resources of self reliance to speak our truth.

In Sing Your Sacred Soul Song we create a safe container for expression.  We create a sacred space by honoring the elements and  energies that are already around us.  We are woven together with this time and space and when we create sacred space together, we are powerful. 

In each class we begin with some grounding meditation and breath work to center our minds.  We may do a little bit of movement to bring us into our bodies and we pass around a talking stick for each person to do a short check in to let go of anything she is holding.

Then the magic begins. . . each class is a little different depending on the energy and needs of the group.  We'll use embodiment techniques and journaling. Sometimes we'll use tongue twisters or little songs to help open up our voices, sometimes we'll use a vocal game. You do not need to be a singer to access your voice and find your soul song.  By the end of the 8th week we will come to a place where the group supports each woman to find and sing her own Sacred Soul Song. . . to find the song or songs that are hidden deep within you.


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