My superpower is creating and holding
 sacred space for women to heal. 

I'm a CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and an Ordained Priestess of the Temple of Sophia.  I use crystal bowls, gong and percussion instruments to create a soundscape to raise your vibration to help you shift out of outmoded patterns stuck in your mind, body & spirit. In my work I create a nurturing space for you to open to your own inner tuition, your inner teacher, aka intuition.

I'm passionate about 

           helping women to make 
        big changes 
                                             to live our 
                                                        wildest dreams

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I offer Shamanic Journeying, soul Retrieval, CranioSacral Therapy & Chakra Clearing.  

Feel free to reach out at sulisshines@gmail.com

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My Teaching 
I integrate all of my learning into experiential workshops, women's moon healing circles and run two regular programs:

 Goddesses in The Garden is a 7-month healing training where we spend part of the time connecting with our inner landscape and deep listening to learn to harness our healing energies and the other part is connecting with the outer landscape.  I carry the medicine of Tulsi and Rose, so we will be learning to communicate with the plant world was well as find your own plant ally.

  A program to empower you to step into the strength of your voice, even if you feel shy and like you want to hide in a corner.  This class is about developing a safe container and playing with our voices to gain more confidence to speak our truth.  We'll sit in sacred council together, journal with writing prompts to help us to know our own heart and play some games to help us feel more in-bodied and in-voiced.

Water is Medicine   
Our bodies are made up of 89-90% water.  Water is highly conductive and easily receives sound vibrations. 
Coming from the East Coast where the sun rises over the ocean, from an early age I appreciated the healing energies of sunlight and water which I incorporate in my practice from eons and lifetimes long ago.

I occasionally hold space for water ceremonies or collaborate and support other traditional water ceremonies.

Sound is Medicine 
We know music has the power to shift our moods individually and likewise when we are at a concert listening to music as a group of people, there is a unifying effect of what we listen to. Soothing sounds make us feel good.  Other sounds may put us on edge or make us feel enlivened or ready to get up and dance.  When we are in a relaxed state, a healing space, the sounds of the vibrations can help our consciousness to expand and put us into an altered state where we are then able to heal.

 Your Body is a Temple  

As we learn to live on earth as if it were heaven we bring the consciousness of heaven to earth.  In order to treat the earth as a holy place, we must remember that we are sacred and treat our bodies as the holy temples that they are.  Working through our childhood emotional traumas, sexual traumas, PTSD or any holding patterns we have in our bodies, frees us to be more present in the moment and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Are you a successful woman who has done your personal growth work. . . the journaling, the workshops, yoga and spirituality classes, but there is still some healing that feels elusive? 

Have you been sexually violated or feel like you want to use your voice to stand up for yourself more?

Let's talk. . .

 Healing comes in spirals and often is most effective when we find a supportive nurturing environment to aid us on our journey. 

My work is multidimensional ... as are we.  I offer private CranioSacral and energy shifting sessions as well as goddess groups.  

Bright Blessings, 

During this time of the Corona virus, we are all having very different experiences.  Some of us are having financial struggles, some are on the frontlines and overwhelmed with serving the needs of our fellow humans. . . some are still regularly employed or having a retreat at home.  I honor all of these experiences and as my own work has drastically shifted, I've noticed that there are sometimes that my mind feels positive and then other times when I go to those old familiar places of self doubt and habits like staying up late and watching youtube that don't really serve my highest vibration to create the life I really want to have. (Mind you I'm not dissing youtube or the actual need that we have to veg once in awhile) What I see is that it's a slippery slope when it comes to the thoughts of my mind. . . very easy to go to those places of negative spin and hopelessness.  So, it is a reality that our world is changing and I may not be doing the same type of work that I've been doing, at least for now, not in the same way. . . so it's requiring me to rally and discipline myself to get back to the healthy habits of taking walks in nature, waking up early and exercising.  It's like, deep down I know what I need to do.  I think all of us have these internal leanings or intuitions that remind us of what is good for us. We need to take the time to tune into those frequencies and slow down and listen.  I believe that the clarity is there if we allow, if we give ourselves the time to receive.

What are those little impulses that you're hearing during this time?  Is it a little thing like, clean out this drawer?  Sometimes I have these big expectations about myself, like I need to write a brilliant novel or I expect that I'm going to have some deeply psychic Aha moment.  Maybe the pathway to getting to the next big thing is to just do the next right thing, no matter how small it may be.  We've had so many shifts already, from the clearer air in our environment, cleaner water, animals coming back to areas they had not been seen in for years. Many of us are slowing down and working less right now which is allowing our nervous systems to balance out.  I believe that this allows us to tune more deeply into the yearning/ desires of our souls.  Now for those of us who are struggling with finances and how we're going to eat, this is a time to reach out to others and challenge our concept of trusting and receiving. . . there are others out here who want to help.  If we can change the model of how we look at the world then we can see that there can be a circle of people who want to see the whole of humanity rise up.  The outmoded patriarchal culture of hierarchy and pyramids is a structure that puts a small number of people at the top at the expense of the others.  We are changing this dynamic in our world and that is part of what this pandemic is showing us.  We are a circle, within a circle, with no beginning and never ending.  When we are willing to help those around us, then we open to the energy of knowing that as we help, we are also helped.  This is the golden rule at its best...  treat your brothers and sisters on this planet as you would like to be treated.   I am another you.  You are another me. 

I am continuing to offer Shamanic Healing Sessions via zoom for one-on-one support and I'll be offering  some classes. See below to learn more about what I'm offering at this time. 

Please continue to do your simple routines. . . get good sleep, do your self care. . . showering and teeth brushing, coffee or tea.  Our daily practices are so important.  If you're a meditator keep going.  If you need some meditation guidance or support, I'm here for that and there are also lots of resources online from Deepak Chopra to Natural Dharma Foundation and many others on the Youtube. 

Please feel free to reach out if there is a way that I can serve you.  I am open to sliding scales and barter. 

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