Goddesses in the Garden

7 Month Priestess Training Program
Level 1: The path of the Healer

The priestesses are back on the planet!

What does that mean? 

Well, we have been living in a largely male dominated culture for a couple of thousand years now and the values of greed and competition has brought us to many wars and bloodshed and has created and supported division between people, brother against brother, sister against sister.  

The role of the priestesses during these exciting and expansive times is to help restore balance between the sexes and to honor goddess culture. . . in other words to honor the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters who are on this planet at this time.  This also means honoring the men, husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. . . The key to priestessing on this planet is to see all life as if it is divine.  

Over the years our different religions have supported  bloodshed and war in the name of God.  
But God is love. God is everywhere.  

The New Paradigm is not about separation, it's about honoring the ways of unity, cooperation, fairness, integrity, community building and sharing power together as opposed to a system where domination rules.  The earth has been waiting for us to come back and care for her. . . to honor her oceans, rivers and streams, to appreciate her woods and flowers and trees.  The has provided so much to sustain us, how could we allow pollution and destruction in the name of profits and power?

The priestesses are here to restore balance to the earth and raise the vibration of love for the good of all. 

In this 7-month training program we will practice the art of connecting deeply to our own inner guidance, our inner teacher, aka intuition.  We'll support each other in our process of growth through a supportive circle of sacred space.  If you haven't been in sacred space before or need practice in initiating more of this powerful container in your life, you will be welcomed to step into your own power to lead.  

Our journey will include:

Advanced Breathwork Techniques  Connects us with our physical body
Reiki  & Pleiadian Attunements  Connects us with our energy body
Goddess Archetype Transmission  Connects us with timeless wisdom
Sustainable Gardening  Connects us with  the earth
Shamanic Plant Spirit Journeys  Connects us with the subtle realm
Telepathic Plant Meditations  Connects us with our own intuition
Crystalline Attunements  Connects us with the new paradigm
Sing Your Sacred Soul Song  Connects us with our power
Community Ritual Design  Connects us with each other


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