Sulis Sings for Water

Sulis Sings for Water

 Water. . . it's one of, if not the most precious resource on our planet.  We all need it to live. Our need for water is like one of those things we have in common that has no demographic of age, gender or race.  Like the sun that shines down for all of us, the water here on our planet is our birthright, put here for all of us to use and enjoy.  Although from outer space our planet looks blue and is covered with water, only a small percentage of the water on the planet is drinkable. Here in the US, our cities and towns have municipal water facilities that make drinking water available to us, through the tap.  Some towns and cities have better quality drinking water than others, but compared to some third world countries we really have it pretty easy. . . we just turn a lever that's connected to a pipe which is connected to an infrastructure developed by the engineers and city planners.

How much water do you think you  actually use in a day, from bathing, making coffee and tea, drinking water & cooking?  Do you think the amount would change if you had to carry that water daily up to your house or apartment from a centrally located well?  What if the well were not so centrally located, but a mile away. . . or more?  How much time would go into getting that water?  In some sub-saharan areas of Africa there aren't spigots or wells.  Someone has to go and fetch the water from a far away distance and often times this responsibility of getting the water falls on young women and girls.  Some girls have to walk miles to fill up the water and then carry back a 40 pound jug, often times they have to go alone through dangerous territory.  These young women are providing a service for their families, but this means that they are missing out on other opportunities like school and learning about ways to support themselves and thrive.

Friday March 22 is World Water Day.  The dedication to raise awareness about water was started in 1993 after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Since then, the United Nations has been promoting this day and more and more people have been helping those in need. 

There are times in our own country when we may have a drought or a water ban because the water table is low.  I've been fortunate enough that this has not effected me too much.  There are times where I haven't been able to water my garden quite as liberally as I may have liked, but I've always had some access to enough water to drink, thankfully.  We are so rich in this country that we not only have the water piped into our houses, but now we're buying it in plastic bottles and having it shipped across the country.  We mostly have enough water for ourselves here, but what about our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world, don't they deserve to have an equal chance to have water as well?  I would like to do my part to raise awareness about this precious resource and help those that I can.

That's why for this next World Water Day I'm doing two things.  First, I've set up a fundraising page  to help those in need.  The program that I decided to donate to is called The Water Bearers and was started by a group of women who saw a need for people around the globe in less developed countries to have access to clean water.  They have been raising money for the creation of wells and bringing water filters to areas that need clean water.  I've started a fundraising team called Pioneer Valley Cares about Water.  I hope that you will look at my page and make a $25-50 donation to help those in need. . . or if you really want to step up even more, I would love it if you could join the team and agree to motivate 10 other people to make $50 donations, then together we could possibly donate up to $5,000, which would be very cool!

The other thing thatI'm doing is on Friday, March 22 which is the actual World Water Day this year, I'll be holding a ceremony at 3:00 down at the labyrinth at the Mill River in Northampton to raise public awareness about water in our community. We will sing, we will bless the water, we will have merriment!

Thanks for reading and enjoy all the water we are blessed to have.  In my next post I'll talk about Dr. Emoto's work which shows evidence that the water molecules absorb the positive or negative vibrations of those around it and carry that vibration until it is changed and we all have the power to emit positivity in our hearts.

Much love, Sulis