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Sulis Sings for Water

Sulis Sings for Water  Water. . . it's one of, if not the most precious resource on our planet.  We all need it to live. Our need for water is like one of those things we have in common that has no demographic of age, gender or race.  Like the sun that shines down for all of us, the water here on our planet is our birthright, put here for all of us to use and enjoy.  Although from outer space our planet looks blue and is covered with water, only a small percentage of the water on the planet is drinkable. Here in the US, our cities and towns have municipal water facilities that make drinking water available to us, through the tap.  Some towns and cities have better quality drinking water than others, but compared to some third world countries we really have it pretty easy. . . we just turn a lever that's connected to a pipe which is connected to an infrastructure developed by the engineers and city planners. How much water do you think you  actually use in a day, from

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